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Thanks for stopping by to check out the official Motifate Entertainment Blog! So what exactly is this blog about? Maybe we should have outlined that first, instead of putting that motivational graphic art as our first post. (We’re learning as we go here). At any rate, here is what you can expect when you visit – (hopefully, again, and again, and again.)

The What? The purpose of this blog is to showcase and communicate the shared philosophy and spirit of Motifate Entertainment, which is to be a creative landing spot for art and messages that inspire, educate, motivate and entertain.

The How? We’ll accomplish the purpose by presenting an assortment of stories, art, news, and opinions from both our corporate voice as well as the voice of Motifate Entertainment artists and (soon to come) other featured writers. Essentially, this blog will exist to be the glue that ties in all the components of Motifate Entertainment, and provide content and information that you can’t find on our social media channels or elsewhere on motifateentertainment.com

The When?
You can expect to get fresh content anywhere between three and seven days. We’re not going to say every day, because then we would just be lying and that’s not a good way to start any relationship. We could just say once a month, and then you would forget about us, and we wouldn’t want that either.

The Why? Because hopefully coming here on a consistent basis will be the respective B-12 shot you need whenever you’re discouraged, bored, lazy, skeptical, jaded, seeking new perspectives, …or maybe all of the above.

So to all, welcome. As Motifate Entertainment is the media to your journey, we hope this blog serves as an essential part to that promise. Be Well!

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